How to avoid being tricked into watching porn with a Google Play download trick

We’ve all seen it: A man shows up at your house with a video-game controller, telling you that he wants to watch a video game, only to turn out to be the one playing.But in order to do this, the man must download the Google Play game he’s playing to his phone, then go through […]

How to find the best hotel websites

Hotel booking sites are often used to generate leads for companies looking to sell their products.However, as sites are increasingly becoming more automated and the demand for information increases, they have become increasingly difficult to find.Here’s a guide to help you find the top hotel websites and find them quickly.1.Hotel Booking Sites in CanadaHotel booking […]

Which are the best anime, manga and manga/anime movies online?

A few years ago, when the Internet was still a new phenomenon, the question of which anime and manga were the best in the world would have seemed like a no-brainer.But that’s changed.The Internet has grown, with millions of fans worldwide and thousands of popular online video sites catering to all kinds of tastes.Today, the […]

Which US companies will get the largest tax cut this year?

US companies have been asked to disclose the details of their tax plans ahead of President Donald Trump’s anticipated tax overhaul on Friday.The White House on Friday requested that all U.S. companies submit the details by October 15, citing an increase in corporate tax rates that are expected to hit a record high of 25%.A […]


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