Silk Road and the Silk Road 2.0: Analysis of the Silk Roads 2.1 website

“We think it’s a good idea to do this because it’ll give them some time to do their investigation,” Mr. Siegel said.“They’ll see if they can find anything.”The FBI’s focus on Silk Road was a major focus during the election season, as the drug market was one of the most scrutinized topics in U.S. politics.While […]

Why do some jobs pay less than others?

With more than 4.5 million Americans unemployed, the unemployment rate has hit a five-year high of 7.9 percent, and some jobs that pay well have become increasingly difficult to find.In other words, many Americans are having to choose between earning enough to support themselves and their families and finding a way to pay for the […]

How to get a copy of your kids Nintendo DS game for $10: Nintendo website

If you want to get your Nintendo DS games for under $10, the Nintendo DSi will do the trick, according to an article on the NAFC website.The article claims to have found an unofficial copy of a Nintendo DS for $2, which is around the same price as a $5 Nintendo 3DS game.The article says […]

Which GOP lawmakers are more likely to break with the Trump administration?

By Michael C. BenderThe Hill – Kellyanne Conway, former White House press secretary and Trump adviser, has become a leading advocate for bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.Nowhere is this more evident than in the Trump-Russia investigations.“I don’t think you can have a successful government when you have partisan battles,” Conway told The Hill in an interview […]

Amazon has banned its Kindle e-reader from sale

Amazon’s Kindle eReader, which it launched last month, has been banned from sale on its website.The company said the ban was made following concerns about “unlawful and malicious” behaviour on its site.The ban covers Kindle owners in Australia and New Zealand, as well as those who buy books on Amazon.“Amazon has received numerous complaints from […]


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