What’s New in WordPress 4.6

A few minutes ago, WordPress 4.6 was published. It is the second significant release of 2016, bringing with it some interesting fresh changes and fixing a number of bugs. We’re going to demonstrate you in this post what’s new in WordPress 4.6 and what characteristics you should attempt after updating your websites.

4.6 is a significant release of WordPress, and unless you’re running a managed WordPress hosting service, you’ll need to start updating manually.

Important: Before beginning the update, do not forget to generate a full WordPress backup.

Native System Fonts in WordPress 4.6

WordPress started using the Google Fonts project Open Sans as the default font so that the interface on different platforms and devices looks the same. This, however, implied a small compromise on velocity and relying on a project from a third party.

WordPress has been using your indigenous system font for the admin region since 4.6. This will make loading your indigenous device and platform quicker for WordPress.

Here’s a screenshot of the San Francisco system font in the Safari web browser on macOS.

Native system fonts in WordPress 4.6

This change only affects elements of the user interface within the admin area of WordPress. It won’t impact content regions such as the post editor that utilizes the font stylesheet editor for your theme.

Shiny Updates for Plugins & Themes

Previously, it showed you a progress screen when you installed a WordPress.org plugin or theme. This added a page load and improved the time that plugins and topics were installed. WordPress 4.6 makes installing and updating your plugins and themes in WordPress faster without leaving a page.

Plugin installation in WordPress 4.6

This animation demonstrates a WordPress.org theme theme directory setup.

Installing theme from WordPress themes directory in WordPress 4.6

These quicker updates will also be used by themes. This animation demonstrates how WordPress 4.6 looks like the fresh theme update method.

Faster theme updates

A Better Looking Import Screen

WordPress makes it very simple to import content from Blogger, Tumblr, and other platforms using the Tools Importer plugins » Import page. WordPress 4.6 makes it easier to read and access the import screen.

Import screen in WordPress 4.6

It also utilizes brilliant updates to background import plugins. This implies that no importer plugin is available and no additional page load shows progress.

Installing an importer plugin in WordPress 4.6

Installing an importer plugin in WordPress 4.6

Localization and Translation Improvements

Community translations hosted by WordPress.org will now be provided preferences over the translations included. The date picker for the jQuery UI now has the correct local locale. Commentary figures decreased and months are now treated correctly in various languages.

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