What is Gravatar and Why You Should Start Using it Right Away

New WordPress consumers are often asking us how the gray icon next to their name appears. Sometimes we receive messages from customers who ask us how this gray thing could be turned off. Well, the gray icon is called the “gravatar mystery guy.” We will address in this paper what a gravator is and why you should use it immediately.

History: Avatar

Before we immerse ourselves in what’s a gravatar, we should cover an avatar first. An avatar represents a user graphically. It could be a image of the person or a random icon with which they want to relate. In the days when the web was anonymous, people used icons to identify them. In the gamer community, it remains largely the case. Another cool part about forums is that because of their avatar you can identify active users quite readily. While names are difficult to remember, identifying a particular picture is very simple.You would begin recognizing the same group of individuals everywhere when you were part of countless panels. As the internet developed and blogging became more popular, it was rather difficult for a commentator to have an identity. Users were needed to register with forums and other facilities. Each user had a profile of his own, so they could readily add an “avatar.” However, in the majority of instances, blog comments do not involve registration. So what are the consumers we can define? Well, Gravatar is coming in.

What is a Gravatar?

Gravatar is the global Avatar recognized. This is acknowledged worldwide because it is used by millions of individuals and websites. Most common apps such as WordPress have Gravatar integrated assistance. When a customer leaves a remark (with email) in a website supporting Gravatar, they pull their Gravatar servers with Globally Recognized Avatar. This image will be displayed next to the remark. Each commentator can use the worldwide web to get his identity.


Why Should I add Gravatar?

You should use a gravatar if you want to be recognized on the internet. You have to use gravatar if you’re a blogger, a non-profit, a tiny company or anyone who wishes to construct a brand. You’re probably reading and commenting on blogs. Maybe you don’t get the attention at first. However, if the same individual sees your remark on several websites they are reading, he or she is likely to visit your site. As editors, our faithful customers can identify with their gravatar very easily.

Gravatar, we think, highlights your remark.

How can I get a Gravatar?

It is straightforward and free. Just go to the website of Gravatar. Subscribe to the email you use for comment most often. Fill yourself in an avatar. It may be an image of yourself, the logo of your company, or something distinctive. One going you must really do it. You’re unlikely your avatar will change a lot. It’s like putting it in and forgetting it.

The majority of WordPress topics are already integrated with gravatar commentaries. If your theme is not, consider adding it seriously. You can alter the default mystery man gravatar on your site and add something else for further branding reasons. Here’s a tutorial on changing the standard WordPress gravatar.

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