What is a WordCamp and Why You Should Attend?

Recently we carried out a survey on our community page on Facebook to ask, “Have you been to a WordCamp?”Yes, No, or What’s a WordCamp’s heck were the options. Surprisingly, we had many who said they didn’t understand what the WordCamp was. We decided to create an infographic covering a WordCamp, a WordCamp history, Who the word Camp, what you should expect to attend WordCamps and what are the advantages of attending a Word Camp. WordCamp is an essential component of the WordPress community. Review the infographic by clicking on the following picture:

WordCamp is a community conference on the publication platform of WordPress. Through the rules released on WordCamp.org and the values of the WordPress Foundation, these events are organised and paid for and played by local WortPress groups. The first WordCamp took place in San Francisco in 2006, and the amount of towns it was organized grew every year thereafter. Since 2010, every continent with the exception of the Antarctic has had WordCamps.

All who use WordPress and all who should use WordPress should take part in WordCamps. The following section covers bloggers, designers, developers, writers, marketers, SEOs, companies, non-profit organizations, photographers, retailers, advisors, business people.

The contents of the presentations of WordCamp are extremely centered on WordPress. Things relating to the use of WordPress can be included in blogging, enterprise and social media. The shared materials are extremely useful although WordCamps are not huge, fantastic and costly conferences. Don’t be amazed if at a low-key local meeting such as WordCamp you see a large name speaker. Although WordCamps were intended to be low-key, significant towns had sufficient WordPress community for 700+ individuals to attend an event. You should be ready to know a fresh dimension of WordPress, as individuals use WordPress in many unusual ways.

You should be ready to have fun with others who are as obsessed with WordPress as you do (or as NEW as you are with WordPress). Usually there is a casual after-party to meet new friends, company associates, staff, staff and life partner, who is aware of it (who knows?). If you don’t, you should consider doing it. See the official WordCamp website to find out more about WordCamps.

You may always consider supporting / sponsoring our trips to this case if you can not participate and we will take you the highlights of the event. Furthermore, it is a wonderful way to find more information as your name or name of your business is listed in all WordCamp posts.

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