What are the Limitations of WordPress.com

WordPress.com provides you a complicated, non-stop alternative if you wish to begin blogging. Our customers often ask us how to get blogging began. “What would you like your blog to do?” We often reply to this question. Many individuals just want to share their ideas, pictures and so on. To achieve that, WordPress.com provides you with a free, easy to use, safe and stable blogging platform. However, there are certain intrinsic constraints to your blog, including making cash, building a membership community and more. In this post, we will help you know what WordPress.com limits are, so you can decide whether WordPress.com is your answer.

Earning Limitations

You can not operate Google Adsense or other ad programs on your WordPress.com website to serve advertisements. It is not possible to write paid messages, sell connections, review goods, etc. You are prevented from using your own free blog for any business activity by WordPress.com conditions of service. However, the advertising program called WordAds can be used for WordPress.com. This program is presently accessible for WordPress.com blogs which meet certain conditions of traffic and quality. You will share your advertising revenues with WordPress.com once you have received approval for the WordAds programme.

Note: You can get an announcement on your WordPress.com blog, if you have a book. They simply don’t advertise products or services you don’t own.

You Can not Upload Plugins

The true strength of WordPress is that the key functionality can be adapted and extended. The WordPress.com feature can not be extended through the upload of plugins. A complete but still restricted range of characteristics is provided to you. Many individuals move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org to use some of the characteristics provided with such incredible plugins.

You Can not Upload Themes

Only users of WordPress.com can use topics presently available. Some are free and other subjects are subject to a one-time fee. In any event, the selection of the subject is very small. Second, these themes can’t be changed. You can add a custom CSS and fonts to your subject for an extra $30, but it is. Theme features or theme functionality can not be changed. If you want to use any of WordPress.com users ‘ strong e-commerce topics or any of the many business topics, then you have no chance. You are also out of luck if you want a fully tailored topic for yourself.

Account Suspension

In order to protect their services from abuse, WordPress.com is very rigorous. They suspend blogs suspected of forbidden service operations. A blog can also be reported to visitors. WordPress.com enables blogs that have been suspended for a restricted moment to export posts. WordPress.com can not even notify or request the proprietor of a blog that content be removed. This implies that the blog proprietor normally has no warning. The WordPress.com Subdomain will be kept after a blog has been suspended and not available for use by anyone else.

Not a Development Platform

WordPress itself has become a strong content administration system. It’s no longer only a platform for blog posting. With WordPress.com, you only receive a free blog service and not the real strong CMS characteristics which become the primary reason for the popularity of WordPress. To help you know more, you can begin with a fundamental blog, then give online courses, sell digital downloads, add a forum, or even an online shop. All this can not be done on your blog free of charge on WordPress.com.


We advise you first to understand your blog, schedule and then select. You need to know your blog. WordPress.com is an simple and wondrous choice if you need to just say something to yourself. However, if you want to create on your website and use your blog more, please take WordPress.org into account. We give the free installation of WordPress blogs, to assist you get started.

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