How to Change the Font Size in WordPress

Do you want WordPress posts and websites to modify font size? WordPress offers a number of ways to enhance or reduce font size and text formatting. We’ll demonstrate you in this post how to alter fonts in WordPress readily.

Method 1: Using the Paragraph Headings

Most of the moment, individuals want a larger font size to attract their readers ‘ attention especially to headers. You can use distinct heading sizes when writing the content of the article. In the visual editor mode, all the products on the “Paragraph” tab can be viewed as shown in the following screen shot:

Increase font size in visual editor

These size ranges are managed by the stylesheet file of your topic (style.css) to make sure the font size is consistent. In most cases, the task should be done in one of the headings.

It is great for user experience to use headings for your articles, while making your WordPress messages easy to use.

Method 2: TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

In this way, we use a WordPress plugin to control the font size and the formatting of text when we type content.

Install and enable the TinyMCE sophisticated plugin is the first thing you need to do. See our Guide to Installing a WordPress plugin for information step-by-step.

TinyMCE Advanced settings can be used when enabled to configure editor environments.You will see the toolbar with buttons of the TinyMCE Editor on this page. Unused buttons are also visible below.

Adding the font size button to TinyMCE Advanced tool bar in WordPress

All you have to do now is drag and drop the font size button to any row on the toolbar from the unused buttons. Click on the button Save Changes afterwards.

To see the action button, create a new post or edit an existing post, and the default WordPress visual editor will be replaced with a font-size button in the TinyMCE Advanced Editor.

TinyMCE font size

As you can see from the above screenshot, you can pick from the downstairs any font size you want. This allows for a greater degree of liberty because you can have even lower font size than a standard body font, e.g. 8pt and 10pt.

The greatest downside of this technique is to take into consideration all the modifications in font sizes you have made in individual posts when you modify topics.

Method 3: Using CSS to change the overall font size

If you are dissatisfied with the font size of your theme, then use CSS to modify the font form. To your WordPress theme, you have to add the following custom CSS.

p {

Note: All paragraphs in your WordPress format will be affected by this change, and you will lose the change during the theme modifications.

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