How to Add Titles in WordPress Menu Without Linking to a Page

One of our customers recently questioned if it was possible to add titles without placing any links in the WordPress menu. By default, every menu item linked to a page or custom link is required in the WordPress menu. However, you can add a submenu title without connecting to a particular page when generating a drop down. For example, you can have a drop-down category where you want the title of the menu to be the text categories. In this article, we demonstrate you how to add titles without connecting to a page from the WordPress menu.

Creating a menu item without link

You must first add a fresh menu item to your menu. You will do this by going to the » menu. You would like to add a personalized connection so that you get the label you want. Enter the #sign in the URL sector. Click the Add Menu button once you’ve finished it. Once this personalized link has been added to the menu, save your menu.

Adding a custom link to the menu without URL

Now, next to this custom link, press the drop down arrow to edit this item. Remove the pound sign and save the menu from the URL field. You will see the menu item without a link when you visit your live website. This menu element can be added to submenus and linked to any site or link you like.

Removing # sign and creating a menu without any link

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