How to use IMvu Classic and the Wayfair website as scam websites

In the wake of the recent spate of recent fraudsters who have targeted the popular free email service, IMvuClassic, the Irish Times has asked customers to check if their emails are indeed from fraudsters.

The website is one of the most popular sites on the internet for people who want to use the free email app to send and receive emails.

It was set up by a former executive at email firm Avid in 2011, who then sold the company to the company that owns Wayfair.

Wayfair said it is aware of the issue and has started an investigation.

The company said in a statement to The Irish Independent that the site has been flagged as being used by scammers.

“We’re aware of an issue on the Wayfarer website, which has been identified by a number of users.

This is being investigated.

We take this matter extremely seriously and will be looking into this matter.”

We take this issue extremely seriously.

We will be examining this matter.

The site has about 200,000 registered users and a total of 7 million emails sent and received each day.

The scam sites have been spotted on the website of the free website Wayfarers, which claims to be the world’s leading email service provider.

Wayfarer said in an emailed statement: “Wayfarers has been made aware of suspicious activity on Wayfare r, but we have not been able to verify this information as it was created in February and is being actively investigated.”

The company added: “We have already suspended the service of these individuals.”

Wayfare also said it has already suspended accounts of users who have been affected by the fraudsters and is working to identify more.

It added: The service is currently suspended for users of and Wayfare R. The affected individuals have been asked to verify their email addresses and email addresses on

“In its statement, Wayfare said it was working with law enforcement agencies in the US, Australia and the UK to identify and remove the scam sites from its site.


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