Australian website is hit with $2.5M attack breach

Posted October 01, 2020 09:33:18An Australian website that was the target of a $2 million attack is once again hit by hackers.

Key points:A company called Dicks Inc. sold an app called “Get A Job” to thousands of job seekers in AustraliaSource: ABC News | Source: company, which has been targeted by cyber criminals, has issued an apology and said it is taking action to prevent further damage to its reputation and reputation of its business.

“We are taking the steps to repair the damage to our reputation caused by the attack, and will work with our customers and partners to ensure they can continue to access their job sites,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“While we are unable to comment further, we are taking steps to make sure that customers can access their jobs again and are confident that we will be able to resume our business.”

The app, called Get A Job, allows jobseekers to submit their resumes to job posting sites.

Dicks Inc., a company in Melbourne, Australia, was hit by a cyber attack last month.

It had sold a product called Get a Job to job seekers, with users logging into the website and selecting their name and phone number to receive a callback, which they could then pay for.

“The site was not accessible and we are aware of the fact that the information you entered was not what you expected,” the statement said.

“As a result of this attack, we have removed this service and the site has been secured.

The site will not be back up again until we have been able to identify and remove any malicious code.”

Get A Jobs was not available at the time of publication, but the company has since rebranded the service as Get a job.

A spokesperson for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) said it was working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre to identify the source of the attack and has launched an investigation.

“Dicks is now aware of this incident and is taking steps in order to ensure that our business is not compromised further,” the spokesperson said.DICKS INC.

is now on notice.


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