Lego is ‘proud to be a global leader in creating, manufacturing, and selling toys’, says company

The company has announced it will be rebranding its online store as Lego.

The Lego Store, which is located at, will be renamed Lego Toys and will focus on building Lego bricks.

“Lego has been a global success for many years.

It has changed the way we look at toys, and it has enabled us to make new, interesting products,” Lego’s CEO Jorrit Schumacher said.”

It has been one of the best business experiences of my life, and I can’t wait to share it with our customers.”

Mr Schumachers Lego Store will focus exclusively on Lego products.

The rebrand follows Lego’s rebrand in the US earlier this year as “Lego.

It’s all about making Lego bricks.””

We want to make Lego bricks in our homes, in our cars, and in the world, and we want to do it with Lego,” Mr Schumach said.

In Australia, the company plans to open up its brick building division, where it will sell bricks and accessories from the beginning of 2019.

Mr Schaumacher said Lego is proud to be “a global leader” in creating and manufacturing Lego products in the United States.

“Legos are an amazing product that will enable people to build and play their dreams, and create their dreams,” he said.

The company said it would also focus on the “creativity and innovation” that came from the rebrand, with new designs and new features to come.

“We will continue to develop new features and tools to make our products better, and better, better,” Mr Gildenhauer said.


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