How to get an unemployment benefit

What is unemployment?

It is a way of getting income that you do not have when you are looking for work.

You do not need to work in order to get unemployment.

This is what the National Jobseeker’s Agency (NZA) says.

But what is unemployment really?

Unemployment is defined as having an annual gross income below $44,700.

You can get a Jobseek award of up to $15,000 if you are unemployed for 6 months or longer, and up to a maximum of $25,000 for more than 6 months.

You are entitled to a Job Search award of $6,500 for 3 months or more, and a Jobseekers Allowance of up $3,000.

You also get a Child Benefit of up at least $150 for every year of your child’s life.

If you are under 18, you are entitled for free up to age 17, and the maximum you can claim is $18,000 a year.

You must also prove you are in a job, or work, at any time.

It is illegal for anyone to claim unemployment while unemployed.

What is a Job Seekers Allowance?

The Job Seekners Allowance is a payment you can get from the New Zealand Government to help cover expenses for the unemployed.

It was introduced in October 2012, and is available to everyone who has been jobless for 12 months or less.

You will receive the allowance if you: Work at least 20 hours a week for at least six months.

Have an unemployment claim lodged against you for six months or fewer.

You have been in employment for 12 weeks or more.

If your claim is rejected, you can request a new assessment of your unemployment.

You should apply for this assessment if you want to claim your Jobseekers allowance.

You cannot get a jobseeker allowance if your job has closed, or you have a job search for which you have not been accepted.

You don’t need to pay income tax on your Jobseers Allowances income, but you can apply for it.

You might need to provide documents to prove your unemployment claim.

How do I get unemployment benefits?

The New Zealand Job Seeker’s Agency publishes unemployment benefit information on its website.

It has a list of local Job Seekership offices.

If the job is remote or seasonal, the office closest to you can make a call to claim.

If there is a long distance job, a call may be required.

You’ll be contacted by the Job Seekering Agency to make the claim.

It will then contact you to give you a list to choose from.

If it doesn’t match your information, you’ll be directed to another office.

How much do Jobseekers Benefits help?

The maximum Jobseekers benefit is $14,200.

If this is your first Jobseekers award, you should apply to get your full award.

You need to have an unemployment claims lodged against your claim, but it doesn,t have to be for six weeks or less, so it’s a good idea to wait a week or two before applying.

What about child benefit?

New Zealand Child Benefit is the only benefit available to children aged under 16.

You may also be eligible for a Job Seeker award of at least two months.

There are several ways to claim Child Benefit, including a JobSeeker award for up to two months, or an annual Jobseekers’ Allowance award of between $18 and $60.

How to claim child benefit What you can do The following is based on the information from the National Jobs Agency ( NZA ): Claim a Job-seeker award (up to two-months).

You will need to get a claim lodged within six weeks of your Job Seekrs award.


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