Walmart official to unveil Walmart-branded ‘Walmart Experience’ in store, online

On Wednesday, Walmart will launch a “Walmart Experiences” program that it says will provide a “unique opportunity to help Walmart shoppers get in touch with their Walmart legacy.”

The Walmart Experience program will allow shoppers to experience the brand through the “Walter Scott” and “Walton Family Trust” brands, as well as other Walmart merchandise, the company announced on its official website.

The company’s announcement came a week after it launched a program to launch a new brand, Walmart Experience, for the first time in its stores.

The new program is an effort to offer shoppers an “unprecedented level of convenience, convenience, and innovation for the brand,” according to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, who added that “we have the best customers in the world, so we want to give them the best possible experience.”

The new brand is expected to debut in mid-August and will be available to Walmart shoppers starting on July 1.

Walmart said it is partnering with “Walmons” and its brand partners to offer the experience at Walmart locations across the country, and will offer “Walmes” and Walmart-owned merchandise on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Walmart is currently offering a free Walmart Experience experience at its stores and online, and McMillon said the new program will provide shoppers with a way to connect with their family members and associates who helped make Walmart successful.

Walton Scott is a Walmart icon who started the company in 1946.

He was a key figure in the company’s early history, helping it break into retailing with the sale of clothing, shoes, furniture and other goods.

Scott was known for his generosity, humility and hard work, but it was the business savvy and social conscience that he brought to the company that he will be remembered for.


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