Macy’s website is the most searched-for website in the UK

Business Insider UK – 4/16/17 – Macy’s homepage is the #1 searched-in UK website according to Alexa data.

The company has over 2.3 billion pageviews and over 30 million daily active users, according to data provided by the search giant.

The brand is the only brand in the top five for total pageviews on Alexa.

The site has also topped the UK’s Top 100 websites for searches.

The online retailer, which has been struggling with declining sales, has faced criticism for its advertising, particularly its ‘poverty line’ advertisements which show children living in poverty in the United States.

The campaign has drawn criticism in recent months as it has appeared on television and in magazines across the country.

It also appears to have been used in campaigns around the world, including in the Philippines and the UK.

In its UK page, the retailer has more than 1.5 million results for the word ‘macy’.

Alexa, the search engine that powers Google and Facebook, has said that Macy’s page is the UKs top searched-title, behind only BBC News.

The data is based on data from Alexa’s Search Engine Land, a company that uses data from over 1.2 million websites to create its ranking.

The firm says that its data is constantly evolving and updated every two hours.

Alexa has also noted that its content is updated on an hourly basis, so if you have an item that you want to know more about, it’s always better to bookmark the site and come back for the latest updates.

Macy’s site has a total of 2.32 million pageviews, which is almost double that of Google’s homepage.

Alexa, which measures search results, gives the top search results for “macy” at #1.

Macys site has over 3.3 million page views, which also is well ahead of the homepage.

The retailer has nearly 3.5 billion daily active US visitors, making it the UK largest search engine by traffic, Alexa said.

Macy has been facing a series of complaints from retailers over the past few months over its ads, particularly for its poverty line advertisements which have appeared on TV and in a number of magazines and newspapers across the US.

Macy says it is trying to make the campaign more relevant to American readers, but some retailers have criticised the ads for appearing in their local media.

Macy said it was working to change the advertising on its website.

“We’ve already changed the way we use our ads,” Macy’s spokesperson Kate Sillits said.

“They are a new kind of product that are specifically designed for people in poverty.

They’re also more personal, more relevant, more engaging.

We’ve also made it clear that we are working to make our ads more relevant across the United Kingdom.”

Macy’s ad campaign, which began in October, is now showing in more than 200 newspapers and magazines in the US, and more than 60 countries worldwide.

Macy is currently in the process of updating the website for its 2017 holiday season, which begins in January.

Macy also has a large online presence, with more than 2 million sites.

It has more stores in over 70 countries and has more retailers than the likes of, Walmart,, eBay, Zappos, Best Buy and

Macy plans to invest £300m ($410m) over the next three years to improve its customer experience, as well as its social media strategy.

The ad campaign was inspired by a Macy’s employee’s Instagram post, which showed a baby wearing a pink tutu, wearing a dress, holding a purse and a pencil, and standing with a smile.

“It is one of the more memorable posts I have ever seen,” the employee wrote.

Macy announced that it would change its marketing strategy last year after the company saw its online sales fall sharply, after the launch of a number, including the ‘penny white’ campaign.

Macy reported a 4% fall in online sales in 2018, while sales fell by 8.4% in the same period in 2017.

“The marketing team and the marketing team is doing their best to make sure that we deliver the best product and the best service,” Sillit said.

In the past year, Macy has launched more than 70 new campaigns, many aimed at younger people, including one which uses the hashtag #IWannaMakeItMyOwn, which launched in August.


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