What it’s like to be an Asian-American woman in the Trump era

By LIZ SONNE, NYT ReporterLONDON — As her family and friends mourned the passing of a beloved mother, the 26-year-old Asian-Canadian woman I’m calling Sue told me her sister was killed in a terrorist attack in Paris in January, five months after the election of President Donald Trump.

Her brother, Ira, had just gotten out of a coma after suffering a stroke.

She and her brother’s wife, Kim, and their daughter, Janae, were on a train headed to Paris when their car was hit.

It took Sue and her sister five days to get home.

Ira died of his injuries.

Sue said it took about five minutes to get to the hospital.

IRA had lost his battle with brain cancer, and the couple were both at the time in their late 70s.

Sue was living in the U.S. and Ira was in Ontario, Canada, working as a software engineer.

“My sister was one of the lucky ones,” Sue said.

“There are many other Asian-Americans who have lost their lives to terrorism.”

Sue said she believes that the two attacks in Paris were “an act of hate,” but that it was not a coincidence that one of them happened in a French capital, the other in an American city.

“I think that they’re connected because the attack in France was in France, and it was a direct hit,” she said.

A lot of white Americans were shocked by the terrorist attacks in France and around the world.

They saw this as a direct attack on their culture.

Sue, now 33, has lived in the United States for about a decade, but she grew up in China, where she was the only Asian-born child of immigrants.

“A lot of people were shocked that my parents were born in the middle of France, or that my sister was born in Canada,” she explained.

“But I’m so proud of my heritage.

I am proud to be Asian-origin, but also I am Asian-French.”

When I asked Sue about the backlash she had received, she was shocked.

“It was really hard.

I’ve had to re-evaluate my views,” she told me.

“What I have learned from my parents and grandparents, I have to live with now.

I think that it is very important to have conversations about how we respond to these things.”

Sue has not forgotten her family.

“Every time I see the news or read the news, I’m like, ‘Whoa, what is this?'” she said, shaking her head.

“People are going to be angry with me for my heritage, but that’s just not who I am.”

But Sue’s experiences have helped her see how the backlash is happening across the globe.

“For a lot of young people in the west, I think this has been an incredibly hard year, and they’re really angry,” she added.

“And for a lot, the anger is coming from the left.

That’s really important, but it’s also really harmful. “

So many young people are saying, ‘I’m not racist.’

“If you’re an American and you’re a white person, you don’t have to say this stuff, but if you’re not white, you are really, really hurt.” “

The backlash comes at a time when America is seeing a spike in anti-Muslim incidents. “

If you’re an American and you’re a white person, you don’t have to say this stuff, but if you’re not white, you are really, really hurt.”

The backlash comes at a time when America is seeing a spike in anti-Muslim incidents.

On Monday, two people were arrested after a protest in the city of Cleveland against plans to build a mosque next to the site of a WWII memorial.

At the time, IRA was being treated for a stroke and Sue said that she didn’t understand why a young man in his 20s was being arrested.

“When I was young, I didn’t really care about politics, but I didn’ care anymore,” she recalled.

“This man is young, and he’s just been hurt by something so horrible.”

In Toronto, a white man was arrested after he allegedly shouted racial slurs at a Muslim woman while yelling, “You look like a piece of s—,” at her, in front of her friends.

Irakli, who is an Iranian-Canadian, said she was on a bus with friends when they were attacked by a group of about five men who said they were from North America.

I was with my friends when I was attacked by this guy, and I didn”t know who he was, I said.

They all started screaming racial slurs.

I screamed back, “Shut up, shut up, you look like you’re about to get killed.”

They all grabbed my phone, and that’s when I started crying.

I thought it was over.

But I couldn”t shut up.

I went to my friend, and she was crying too, too.

So I was able to take pictures with my phone and make the


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