‘They’re not going to win the election’: Labor faces hard slog in key states

AUSTRALIA is bracing for a tough challenge from the opposition Labor Party over the election, with Prime Minister Joe Hockey facing calls for him to resign as prime minister over a lack of support for the Coalition in key electorates.

Key points:AAP says it will spend $5.5m on polling and online advertisingLabor says the party is spending more than $3.5 million on online advertisingThe Australian Electoral Commission is investigatingLabor is targeting Liberal-held seats in the north-west, western Sydney and Sydney’s west and south-west with targeted advertisements in a bid to unseat Mr Hockey.

Labor has also pledged to spend up to $1 million in the next two weeks to “drive out the Government” and “drive down the Government”.

Labor will spend the bulk of its $5 million in ad spending in the state’s two seats of Sydney’s north-western suburbs and Sydney West, which Mr Hockey holds by a slim margin of just 2.1 per cent.

But Labor is not the only political party planning to spend money in the run-up to the election.

The Australian Bankers Association will spend at least $5m to support the Labor Party and its campaign.

“The ABA is committed to supporting Labor’s policies and values, and to helping ensure that Labor remains a credible, principled and effective political party,” the ABA said in a statement.

The AAB also spent $5,000 in advertising in Melbourne’s south-western suburb of Brunswick on Friday, with the AAB saying it would spend $1.5 for every $100 spent.

The AFL also plans to spend at most $1,500 in advertising for Labor, the ABC reported on Friday.

The ABC has also identified a potential $5-million “bungie” election fund set up to support Labor’s campaign.

Labor also plans a “media buy” of up to one million dollars in the coming weeks to boost its advertising spending.

Labor’s national director, James Ashby, said it would take the Liberal Party “to its knees”.

“The Labor Party is being very careful about what it says,” Mr Ashby said.

“We know the Liberal party is not going at all in this campaign.

We know they’re not prepared to stand up to the Coalition.

The Liberal party are just playing their games.”

The Liberal Party has been spending heavily in the lead-up and weeks before the election in a desperate bid to keep Mr Hockey’s Labor-led Government in power, and has spent more than a million dollars on advertising in the past fortnight.

“Labor’s been in office for six months and it has been the worst thing for the country in terms of the economy and it’s been the biggest mistake in the country,” Labor leader Bill Shorten said.

Labor is also spending $1m in the final days of the campaign to make the case for its policies and candidates, as it attempts to unify Labor voters around a single, centre-right alternative to Mr Hockey and the Coalition’s policies.

In Sydney, the Labor-held seat of Sydney North, the Liberal National Party is spending $4.5million on advertising.

“There are many issues that are really important to the people of NSW and that are at the heart of the election,” Mr Shorten told reporters on Friday morning.

“It is a challenge for the Labor party to get to the votes, it is a challenging campaign for the Liberal candidate to get onto the ballot paper, and it is challenging for the Greens to get on the ballot sheet.”



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