How the FBI tracked down the ‘Pornhub’ website user who made a false claim of rape

An FBI agent who infiltrated a website where users could share videos of sex acts with others found that the user was actually an actress who had made the fake rape claim to get more exposure.

The FBI’s lead agent, Brian P. Stearns, had a team of investigators, including the FBI’s cyber unit, look into the website, known as 8kun, and identify the identity of the user who uploaded the videos.

The investigation, led by the FBI, took place between May and July, according to the documents obtained by Vice News.

8kun is the main forum for sharing videos of sexual activity between consenting adults.

In the documents, the FBI agent notes that he found an “asset that was uploaded to 8kun in late June 2017.”

That account was not the original uploader, the documents say.

The agency did not identify the person or the content.

The site’s administrator, who was identified in the documents as “S” and did not want to be identified, said he was unaware of the incident.

“8kun has never been used to commit a crime,” S said in an email.

“As an organization, we have no policy of not allowing individuals to post content, and we take these allegations very seriously.”

The investigation revealed that the 8kun account was a fake.

The identity of “S,” the person who uploaded videos to 8chan and other online forums, was unknown.

S said that 8chan had no policy about not allowing users to post material that was offensive or defamatory, but the site’s moderators did not have any guidelines on what was and was not allowed.

8chan’s moderators also had no knowledge of the fake account, S said.

Pressed for further details about the alleged rape, S told VICE News: “We’re not going to share that.

It was a joke, I don’t even know why you would think that would be offensive.”

Stearn told Vice News that the investigation did not show that the account was linked to an actual rape, nor did it show that 8kun was a place for harassment.

“We did not see any evidence that the content was harmful,” he said.

“Our investigation was limited to looking at what 8chan users posted on the site, and it was not able to identify the content that was posted.”

The FBI agents did not find evidence that users who posted videos to the site were actively encouraging others to commit sexual assault, nor was there evidence that anyone else had posted or posted links to the videos, according, in part, to the FBI report.

The website was not shut down or blocked by the site moderators.

But the agency did note that it had taken down the entire website, including its content.

8,000 accounts were logged by the agency, and an internal review found that 8,818 of those were linked to 8,088 known sexual offenders.

In addition to identifying “S”—the person who made the claim that the alleged attacker had raped her—the FBI found that he was also a “subscriber” on 8chan, an online forum for users to share and upload pornographic content.

According to the report, there were 8,900 subscribers of 8chan.

“The information we found was a clear indication that S had access to the account that was allegedly involved in the rape and attempted rape claims,” Stears wrote in the report.

“However, the account had been suspended and was no longer active.

The information was not consistent with an active account and therefore we decided to suspend the account.”

The report said that the FBI did not know the actual identity of S, and that the agency does not have access to any other users’ online identities.

The user who created the account in question has since been identified.


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