Biden harris to use his time machine website to help voters on Election Day

We can only hope that this new website is just the beginning of something much bigger.

As we said in our interview with Biden yesterday, the former vice president wants to “be the president of the Internet” by connecting voters to his time travel portal, a website that he says he plans to launch with the help of “100s of thousands of volunteers.”

According to Biden, the site will also allow for “a lot of cool stuff” like “an easy way to contact people, a voting guide, and a list of all the candidates, which will be pretty handy, too,” he told Polygon.

The website will also include an app for iOS and Android that will allow users to “look up information, vote on it, vote against it, and so on.”

“I want to be the president and I want to take the power to make this work and to make it happen,” Biden said, “so that when people get here and they go to vote, they have the opportunity to go to my portal, look up what they’re interested in, vote, and see what’s happening.

That’s a big part of the vision for my campaign, that the future of our democracy depends on us having access to information and information that’s accessible to all people.”

A few other new features of Biden’s time machine site include a “vote calculator,” which allows users to determine if they would vote for a certain candidate on the day of the election, as well as a “pop-up calculator,” where users can input information and then “see if they’re going to see it, whether it’s a popular or not,” he said.

“It’s not a fancy website,” Biden added.

“It’s just a tool that people can use to figure out if they want to vote.”

As we mentioned, the new website will only be available to “100 people who have volunteered to use it,” he continued.

We’ll have more on the site soon.


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