When will the next big tech IPO happen?

Posted September 06, 2018 03:07:15Today’s market is still very much in flux.

While the market is in an initial euphoric phase, the fundamentals are still in flux as well.

This has led to a lot of chatter about the next tech IPO.

This is where we can look to see if we can forecast the next major tech IPO in 2018.

There are some key areas that have been in the spotlight lately:Bitcoin has exploded, and has seen a huge amount of activity over the past couple of months.

This activity has seen some investors jumping in and out of the market.

This means that a lot is riding on the Bitcoin market for 2018.

Investors are buying Bitcoin to take advantage of the current rally.

This allows the price to increase and allows investors to take the money that they want.

Investors who are looking to take a big risk with their money are also looking to buy Bitcoin.

This will likely push the price of Bitcoin down over the next couple of weeks, but we will have to wait and see how long that lasts.

There is also a lot going on in the stock market right now.

A lot of companies are going public, which is another indicator that investors are looking for the next mega-stock to pop up.

This means that the next round of big tech IPOs will most likely occur in the next six months or so.

That means that there will be a lot more interest in the market, which will lead to a rise in prices.

If you are an investor and would like to follow the latest tech IPO news, be sure to check out our Tech IPO Report.

This article was written by Kevin O’Connor, the co-founder and chief strategy officer at eXist, a digital marketing company that helps companies make better decisions and find better deals.

Follow Kevin on Twitter: @KevinOConnorMore From TechCrunch:The following post originally appeared on The Business Insider blog.


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