How to protect yourself against fraud and phishing from dating websites

A dating website’s owner says it’s important to protect against fraud, but a key issue for consumers remains unanswered.

The website owner, The Dating Site Trust, said it’s also important to ensure that consumers don’t fall victim to phishing scams, which can lead to identity theft.

“Consumers have a right to know whether or not they are being used by a third party or a third-party provider,” said the Trust’s director of legal affairs, John Roussell.

“It is important that consumers feel confident that the website they are using is the real deal and is not a phishing scam.”

Mr Roussel said it is important to remember that phishing is not the same as identity theft, and consumers should never give up on a dating website that has promised them everything.

“People are encouraged to use these services and then get frustrated and then leave,” he said.

“So we need to make sure that consumers are confident in the trust that they are in the relationship.”

The Trust says consumers should always check the website’s terms and conditions to make certain they are protected from identity theft scams.

“We always recommend that consumers check that their account is protected against identity theft by checking their account’s terms of use,” Mr Roussey said.

The dating website owner said it was important for consumers to check their accounts before signing up for any dating services.

“I’d encourage consumers to do this by reviewing the terms and terms of service of any dating website they sign up for and checking their terms and service carefully to ensure it is protected,” he added.

“As well as checking your terms and agreements, you also need to ensure you are aware of any policies, agreements or terms and restrictions that may be in place for dating websites and dating services.”

Online dating is popular in Australia, with a number of dating sites offering free dating and hook-up services.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission says dating sites are vulnerable to fraud, as they are often advertised as online dating services, and that consumers should make sure their personal information is safe.

“If you’re not sure whether your information is in safe hands, or if you’re concerned about the privacy of your information, you should contact your local securities regulator and ask about your privacy rights,” Mr Brown said.

Online dating sites include services like, Plenty of Fish, Grindr, Tinder, Quiznos and Cougar Life.

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