Facebook’s fake news scandal is spreading to the biggest websites: report

NEW YORK — Facebook’s fraud and safety concerns have reached the biggest online websites, and some have taken it upon themselves to remove content that doesn’t fit their brand, according to an investigation by ABC News.

As the largest social network, Facebook is now the center of a growing controversy, as some websites have been forced to remove stories, photos and videos from their pages after Facebook blocked them from its ad platform.

For instance, Facebook removed a story from The Washington Post about the suicide of a former U.S. military officer from a page that featured a photo of the man in a prison jumpsuit.

The story appeared in The New York Times the same day.

The story also appeared in the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times.

The Post and Times later apologized for the errors.

A photo of a suicide victim from the U.K.’s Daily Mail website, which was deleted after a complaint from Facebook, was also removed from the Post and L.A. Times pages.

A story in the New York Daily News, which appears to have been shared by a U.k. citizen, featured an image of a man with a gunshot wound and an alleged gun, which the Daily News has since removed.

The news organization has not said whether it deleted the article.

It’s not clear why the Daily Mail was removed, but the New Yorker website that owns The New Yorker did not respond to ABC News requests for comment.

A post on The New Yorkers Facebook page said the Daily Post article had been removed because it did not meet Facebook’s criteria for Facebook posts.

“It is no longer a safe, trusted source for our readers, so we have removed it from our Facebook page,” the post said.

“We have a zero tolerance policy against this type of content and will take swift action against any content that violates that policy.”

The Post’s Facebook page is not listed on Facebook’s official site.

The Washington Post, which has a page for its Washington, D.C., bureau that has been used to publish fake news stories, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Facebook.

The New Yorker, which published an article about a mass shooting in New York on Thursday that left at least 11 dead, was not listed in the pages of the Daily Beast and The Washington Times.

The Daily Beast, the Washington Times and The New Republic also did not reply to ABC’s requests for comments.

The Los Angeles Post did not provide comment on whether it removed the article from its website.

Facebook did not release the names of any of the websites that were the subject of the complaints.

It has since announced that it is taking the complaints seriously and has made changes to how it handles content that appears on its platform.

The Facebook investigation comes after the social network reported a new cyber attack targeting its data last month that was traced to Russian intelligence agencies.

The attack targeted a list of more than 200 million Facebook users that included names, email addresses, phone numbers, and even their financial information.

Facebook said it was aware of the cyber attack but that it did nothing to prevent the breach.

The company has said that it believes the attack was an attempt to discredit it, and that the data breach was caused by a phishing attack.


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