Nintendo’s ‘cash app’ website may have been compromised

A company that sells the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo 3DS, and other digital games is reportedly selling stolen information on its website.

Nintendo of America’s website,, lists the names of retailers, which may include the addresses of stores and email addresses for retailers.

A security researcher, who goes by the alias “josephsjose” on Twitter, has posted screenshots of the stolen data.

The stolen information includes credit card information, shipping addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and the number of coins that a store receives.

He wrote on Twitter that he “just saw a legit Nintendo Cash site.

Now you know what they do with their money.

Not a bad way to get your hands on some free games and collectible figures.”

The hacker also posted screenshots from the Nintendo Cash website showing the company’s login details.

The site says that “the passwords are all very secure and are only used for logging in.”

The security researcher said that “all Nintendo Cash information is completely safe and has not been compromised, so the information is legit.”

The hack comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market is booming.

In April, the cryptocurrency exchange CoinGecko reported that cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase had lost an undisclosed amount of cryptocurrency in a hack.

The company said it is working to recover the funds.

CoinGeck reported that the company had sold a total of $5.6 million in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is an online payment system that has exploded in popularity over the past year, with millions of users.


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