What we know about the future of sugar daddy sites

Today, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has officially banned all sugar daddy websites from accessing its website.

The US Department for Food and Agriculture (FDA) said it has banned the sites for selling goods or services “that could be considered addictive, dangerous or harmful” and said it would enforce the ban to all sugar daddies. 

The ban is not a complete ban.

It allows websites to continue to operate if they adhere to certain rules. 

However, the site owners are required to “provide accurate and up-to-date information about the sugar daddy, including their business and location, to consumers.”

The website owners will not be able to use the name “Sugar Daddy” or “SudokuDaddy”, as they do not have a US registration.

The new regulations also apply to “all sugar daddy websites that are used for business purposes” and are not affiliated with the websites that already have a registration.

Sugar daddys have been in the news recently for their alleged use of child sex abuse to obtain underage girls.

They have also been caught buying and selling children for sex, which is considered a felony in the US.

“We are very pleased that the USDA has now taken action to protect our children,” said Nicole Lefkowitz, owner of SugarDaddy.com, who runs the website.

“I am incredibly proud of the hard work of our team and our customers to build this website to serve the children of our country and the world.

We have the best people, we are committed to serving the children, and we are taking this very seriously.”

SugarDaddy.net, a popular online hub for online sugar dads, was taken offline earlier this month.

Sugarcademy.com and other sugar dachys are also in trouble in France, where the Federal Ministry of Justice says that they have committed a crime. 

French authorities are currently investigating whether the websites are linked to child abuse.

Sudosugar Daddy.com said the site was taken down due to a “serious technical problem”.

“It’s unfortunate that the French government is so quick to shut down sites that are helping children and others, especially children of color, in need,” Lefkwowitz said. 

“We have never profited from sex trafficking or child abuse, and will continue to fight these illegal acts that we believe are destroying lives and families. “


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