How to find a job in Canada’s biggest cities

Posted August 10, 2018 09:59:33 It’s not every day that you get a call from your local labour force agency, but that’s exactly what happened to a group of Calgary, Alberta, workers who were struggling to find jobs.

On Thursday, the Alberta Employment Services Agency (AESA) announced it would be sending workers from its website to their jobs in Toronto and Montreal.

According to the Calgary Herald, the jobs will be filled by temporary temporary workers, which will allow the agency to pay them on time.

Workers from across Alberta are encouraged to apply online.

“The jobs will help to ensure our economy remains strong and we continue to build a stronger Alberta economy,” said the spokesperson for Alberta Employment Service Agency, who declined to give the exact location of the jobs.

“We are hopeful that with these temporary workers this will help ease the strain on our economy.” 

In recent years, the number of Alberta jobs posted on the ESSA website has grown by 40 per cent.

In 2015, the agency had just over 1,000 jobs posted to the website, but it has since expanded its reach to more than 2,000 sites. 

Despite the increase in jobs, some workers are still left to fill out the application online.

The Calgary Herald reports that, “Many workers are now struggling to complete the online job application.”

The agency says it will be using social media to reach out to those who are unemployed.

“Social media has allowed us to reach people in our community who are experiencing the challenges of the job market,” said spokesperson Emily Smith.

“The jobs that we are creating will allow us to help these individuals find employment.” 

“We are looking for people who are qualified for the jobs that are being posted,” said Smith.


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