Why women are being targeted by the ‘women’s clothing website’ industry

It’s a growing industry, one that’s seen a steady influx of ads over the past several years, with websites like parler.com and parlerfashion.com seeing an uptick in traffic over the last two years. 

But women are increasingly being targeted online in the same way they were during the ‘men’s clothing’ era, and women are starting to realize that there’s a whole new way of doing business for them.

The biggest concern for women is how their shopping experiences will be impacted, and some of the top retailers are stepping up to protect their brands from these types of attacks. 

According to data compiled by research firm eMarketer, the gender gap in online shopping has grown from 4.3% in 2014 to 10.1% in 2019, with men’s brands experiencing the biggest declines.

In response to the rise of the ‘womens clothing website,’ retailers are working to better target their products and create more customized experiences for women. 

The brands of brands like Parler, Parler.

Com, and Parler Fashion are starting a new trend of offering a tailored, personalized shopping experience to women.

The brands say their products, and the services they provide, are intended to enhance and enrich the lives of women, who may struggle to shop in stores that cater to men. 

A new trend in online fashion and beauty, parlerwomen, is also taking off, and is now being used by brands like Glamazon, H&M, and Prada.

According to the brands, they offer women a “vibrant and personalized” shopping experience, which includes a personalised stylist, makeup artists, a shopping cart, and an in-store pickup service.

While the brands are doing their best to protect the women they work with online, it seems like the trend is not always working out for them in the end.

In a recent blog post, the brands said that the average wait time for an order was nearly four weeks, with women spending nearly $600 on their beauty items in the last five years.

“The majority of women are still not getting what they pay for in beauty products online, and we can see that this is creating an environment that is hostile to women’s success,” the brands wrote. 

“The trend for women to shop for beauty online is growing, but we still have a long way to go before we are able to create a space where women feel confident and empowered to shop and be successful online.”


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