The U.S. government website could be a spy tool

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) website, which provides geospatial information to the U.N. and the Pentagon, could be compromised by hackers, according to security experts.

The website contains information about the United States, the world and the globe, and it is the primary portal for the nation’s civilian, military and government agencies to receive information from the intelligence community.

A U.K.-based security researcher, Michael Glynne, recently wrote a report, “The U.R.M. Website,” which outlines some of the vulnerabilities in the NGA website.

In the report, Glynnes noted that NGA’s website is hosted on a server in the United Kingdom.

Glynne said he has seen a similar vulnerability in a U.L.A.-based NGA server, though the researcher said the UL.a. server was a different server.

“I believe the ULA-hosted NGA site is a common vulnerability,” Glynnes said.

Security researchers said that a user could login to the Nga site and retrieve a list of all government websites in the U, including the White House, Pentagon, State Department, Treasury Department, Homeland Security Department and other agencies.

The NGA does not store user passwords, and the website is designed to be used by users who have not logged into the site before.

The researchers also said that the website’s data could be stolen.

Some users would be able to access the site through a “malicious link” placed in a form that mimics an email attachment, Gynne said.

“I can’t see how a user can get a malicious link to the site, and a malicious site can’t be blocked,” he said.NGA’s site has been in the public domain for decades.

Its data was collected from data centers in the 1990s, the researchers said.

But it is not a “top secret” government website, they added.

Glynnnes also said he found that the NGI’s website was not secure.

There were no security issues that he was aware of, he said, but the Ngi site could have been hacked.

He said it was also possible that NGI could have compromised the data that it collected.

“The NSA has no idea what the NSA is doing on its own,” Gynnes said.

“If the NSA does have access to the NSA, they could easily be able [to] access the NGF sites, but they are not.”

The NSA declined to comment on the report.


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