The world’s most successful tech startups: The Top 100

1.Facebook, $28.7 billion 2.Apple, $25.8 billion 3.Google, $23.3 billion 4.Microsoft, $22.7 bn 5.LinkedIn, $21.9 bn 6.Uber, $20.9 billion 7.Amazon, $19.6 billion 8.Netflix, $18.5 billion 9.Airbnb, $17.9bn 10.Spotify, $16.4 billion 11.Twitter, $15.5bn 12.Pinterest, $14.5billion 13.Instagram, $13.7bn 14.Google Fiber, $12.5 bn 15.UberPool, $11.6bn 16.Etsy, $10.6billion 17.Twitter Cards, $9.8bn 18.Pinterest and Tumblr, $8.8billion 19.eBay, $7.9billion 20.Snapchat, $6.9bn 21.Microsoft […]

Samsung to open $1 billion factory in the United States

Samsung Electronics has signed a $1.5 billion investment agreement with a Michigan firm to build the first new manufacturing facility in the US since 2007.The announcement on Monday came after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. Department of Labor will invest $1,000 million in the manufacturing facility, the largest of its kind in the country.It’s […]

What we know about the future of sugar daddy sites

Today, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has officially banned all sugar daddy websites from accessing its website.The US Department for Food and Agriculture (FDA) said it has banned the sites for selling goods or services “that could be considered addictive, dangerous or harmful” and said it would enforce the ban to all sugar daddies. The […]

NFL teams to pay $2.2M in settlements, and the rest will go to players

NFL teams are being paid $2 million to settle civil rights lawsuits in New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle, sources told USA TODAY Sports.In New York, the NFL agreed to pay more than $800,000 to former players who were victims of police brutality, sources said.The league also agreed to drop an additional $600,000, sources […]


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